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In the heart of Miami, Florida, the story of ABAR Technology Group Corp began on October 10, 2011. Rooted in the realm of low voltage technology, our company was founded by two skilled technocrats, Araunel Rosado and Abner Reyes

Armed with a collective experience of over two decades in the low voltage industry, they embarked on this journey to deliver unparalleled security solutions.

Mission Statement

Our firm will provide professional installations and services in Low voltages field, including: Fire alarm systems, Security Systems, Access control systems, CCTV systems and Network infrastructure cable and installation systems, to provide the best security possible for our Customers to prevent malicious attacks, with the last technology and with just the necessary protection for a particular Customer to save money to them. After our installation we continue tracking the customer systems installed and providing training and service if required for that Customer.

Meet Our Founders

Araunel Rosado, a co-founder and owner of ABAR, has a rich background in programming and servicing Fire Alarm systems in high-rise commercial buildings across Miami and Broward areas. From inception to completion, Araunel has demonstrated immense proficiency in managing projects.
His credentials include an Electrician certification from the Associated Builders & Contractors Institute, Inc. He also possesses Factory Training certificates from NOTIFIER, covering NFS-320, NFS2-640, NFS2-3030, and Digital Voice Command, along with certifications for Fire Alarm Systems from MIRCOM, HOCHIKI, FIRELITE, and SILENTKNIGHT.

Araunel Rosado

The Innovator

Abner Reyes

The Technological Maestro

Abner Reyes, our second co-founder and owner, brings 22 years of extensive experience in the low voltage industry, including Fire Alarm Systems, Security Systems, Access Control Systems, CCTV Systems, and Network Systems in South Florida areas.
He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information System Security (ISS) and an Associate of Science Degree in Information Technology from ITT Technical Institute, Miami. Reyes is also a certified technician in electronics and telecommunication from Osvaldo Herrera Technical Institute, Matanzas, Cuba. Additionally, he has numerous training certifications from various brands in the security field.

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