Terms & Conditions

Warranties include both parts and labor depot service, and are transferable. Warranties exclude only: Misuse and/or droppage of hand pieces, normal wear and tear, rental or transported systems, power surge, flood, or natural disaster. No refunds whatsoever on pre owned equipment once equipment has funded regardless of ship date. Allow min 4 weeks for shipping, in some cases sooner but not guaranteed, post COVID shipping times have at least doubled as well as costs please note, and delivery time is not a material part of contract, and in some rare cases can take over a month or more. However scheduling patients, marketing, doing seminar and/or ahead scheduling prior to arrival is not suggested due to variations in delivery times, there are no refunds on pre-owned equipment whatsoever, and no refunds whatsoever on deposits or down payments. In the event of cancellation for any reason deposit/downpayment/or full payment forfeited. In the even customer refuses equipment at delivery or any time during the process not matter ship time, deposits and/or down payments non refundable completely. 

Shipping times vary depending on location of equipment, and whether machine is owned inventory or brokerage and or shared inventory. In some cases machines may be repossessions that require release prior to final service and ship which may add time to delivery process. All customers may use their own shipper or transport, if MEP arranges shipping it is courtesy only. MEP is not responsible for shipping delays, damage, or shipping issues in any way. In the event of shipping damage customer must notify shipper immediately and file claim, customer must inspect equipment immediately upon arrival prior to driver departing and report any damage, and immediately place claim. Customer must also request and or choose their insurance level with shipper directly. This contract clearly states no refunds only store credit if MEP chooses to waive the no refund policy, but store credit ONLY with 30% restock fee on pre-owned equipment. In the event there is an exchange for store credit purchaser is to pay all shipping. We simply ask that customers understand that shipping is slower than normal, and international shipments can take even longer. Warranty is specifically for issues listed above and not in any way for shipping damage, all responsibility for machines is transferred to purchaser upon departure of originating point, and warranty becomes active only after delivery in same condition at purchasers location (see shipping stipulations above regarding inspections at delivery). We service all major makes and models and provide free estimates for existing equipment, and we sell extended warranties. MEP does not pay outside technicians to to warranty repair or service, and warranty null and void if non MEP technicians work on machine during warranty period. Work means opening the machine in any way shape of form, or removing and sides does constitute “work”, parts, or accessories. 

Please have check for services day of completion for technician to MEP LLC if this invoice is for a non-warranty repair service. Depot repair means equipment comes to MEP at customer expense both directions, ALL labor is covered. We do not accept credit cards as electronic payment method at this time due to exorbitant fees. We do accept bank wire, E-Debit Direct (ACH), and bank transfer as electronic payment method if needed. No refunds on down payments or deposits in the event of customer cancellation for any reason whatsoever, before, during, or after delivery. At this time we are not accepting credit cards due to exorbitant processing fees and fraud prevention. We accept: E-debit Direct (click link), bank wire (information on invoice), personal check, business check, travelers checks, and cash. We apologize for any inconvenience. Customer may Fed-Ex check as well, and MEP will cover Fed-Ex fees for customer convenience. Repair Fees done on site are due day of services rendered, in full please. All warranty repairs are done depot service, purchaser pays transport. All repairs are warrantied for 90-Days parts and labor.